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Founded in 2011, we are a non-profit organization in possession of our 5O1C3 charitable status. 

We have a vision of helping cancer patients and their families while on their cancer journeys. 

We provide assistance for ALL CANCER DIAGNOSES. We hope to provide financial and emotional support to those facing their cancer journey both currently or within the last 18 months.

We serve cancer patients who are in active treatment (chemo, radiation or cancer related surgery) or have had treatment in the last 18 months

We also require patients to live within one of the following counties:








Financial Assistance Programs

  • Grocery, Gas, & Transportation Cards
  • Home Utility Assistance

Health, Wellness & Support Groups

  • Bimonthly Meetings for both past and current cancer warriors and caregiver or family members

Wigs, Hats, Scarves & More

  • Free wigs, hats & scarves
  • Free durable medical goods

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“I would like to say a big thank you to all for the Aldi’s gift card I was given. It makes my heart happy to know there are people in the world that care. Thank you for being available to lessen my fears, and help with putting them to rest. I enjoy the fellowship on Tuesday and being part of a support group that is so willing to share their experiences and listen.”     –L.R. Peritoneal Cancer 

“Thank you! You are all amazing. I such fun laughing and trying on wigs last month. I’ve shared photos over and over for both entertainment and for the fun of changing my hair with my friends! Im incredibly grateful to have been a recipient of the services you provide. It did my heart so good to laugh and I felt SPOILED to walk out of your office with so many gifts and goodies. When I opened the prayer shawl, I was completely overwhelmed with gratitudes. Thank you to each of your servants’ hearts. What you are doing is a monumental gift.”      -A.W.  Ovarian Cancer 

“When I call, I’m always greeted with a friendly voice.They make me feel special and I’m not begging for anything but they are willing to share what they have.Each week when I go to the grocery store items we use has increased. The Kroger gift help me more than you can imagine.Thanks a million for your assistance during my time of need.”

 –C.D. Breast Cancer

“Getting a gas or grocery card from Loving Arms has been a BLESSING TO ME!! Sometimes, I don’t have ALL the money or I’m on limited resources and a card helps me out. No, we didn’t ask for this dreaded disease, but I’m glad it’s people like Loving Arms that care.. THATS ALL WE WANT IS SOMEONE TO CARE ABOUT US. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!” – A.G.