Warrior Child by Kim Roberts

Okay, you have cancer.  Now, which will you be to those around you – a Warrior or a Child?

Lately I’ve been winning battles
left and right

But even winners can get wounded
in the fight

People say that I’m amazing

Strong beyond my years

But they don’t see inside of me

I’m hiding all the tears

By now the word has gotten around to all your family and friends.  You are or will be bombarded with words of pity and/or sorrow for your great wound.  Everyone you meet will ask, “How are you?”  Here is your opportunity to be that Warrior (respond with, “I’ll be alright.  How are you?”) and hide the tears of a child (who when asked, would complain and go into detail about tests, surgeries, and prognosis). 

You might be amazed at the troubles of others.  For example, Sally’s son’s broken leg is far more important to her than your condition.  Harry’s engine trouble is more of an ordeal to him than your condition.  If you focus on the trials and wounds of those around you, you will have little time to dwell on your own.  Make each encounter an opportunity to be a blessing by listening instead of a curse by complaining.  A Warrior.


They don’t know who picks me up when no one is around

I drop my sword and cry for just a while

‘Cause deep inside this armor

The warrior is a child


When you have faced the battle, fought hard and now no one is around; alone with God, now this is the time to crumble and cry to your Father, God.  He is the one who picks you up, cradles you in his arms and reassures you that you are alright and He is in control. The battle may be long and hard, really hard, but never give up.  A heavenly host is by your side cheering you on and God is smiling down on you.  A Child.

–Kim Roberts

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Song – The Warrior is a Child by Twilla Paris


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