American Rescue Plan Act- COBB RESIDENTS ONLY

What is the American Rescue Plan Act?

Cobb County received approximately $147 million from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).  The U.S. Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act in March 2021. It set aside funding for local and state governments to support public health, essential workers, and infrastructure measures and to lessen the negative economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In what Chairwoman Cupid described as a “pivotal moment in this county,” the Board of Commissioners approved $98 million in projects from the county’s ARPA allocation earlier this year.

“These funds will be transformational,” Chairwoman Cupid said.  “I’m proud of this board for being uniquely thoughtful in engaging with a consultant to see how we can be strategic in setting up our county for success in the many years and generations to come.”

The appropriations comprise most of the county’s $147 million allocation from the federal government.  Cobb County worked with a consultant to engage residents, nonprofits, and community groups in how best to distribute these funds.  Of the 261 applications received by the county, 85 received funding after extensive vetting through a committee process.

The ARPA funds will be distributed in five categories:

  1. Community Health 

  2. Support Services

  3. Economic Development 

  4. Public Safety 

  5. County Infrastructure 

What Does This Mean for Loving Arms?

The Board of Commissioners has approved and selected Loving Arms Cancer Outreach as one of multiple approved distributers of ARPA funding for HOUSING AND GROCERY ASSISTANCE FOR COBB RESIDENTS WHO ARE ACTIVELY IN CANCER TREATMENT ONLY

  • Mortgage Payment Assistance
  • Rent Payment Assistance
  • Food Specific Grocery Cards (Aldi)

What Kind of Help Can Loving Arms Provide With ARPA?

Aside from our regular assistance we provide (CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PROGRAMS) , Cobb County residents who are actively in treatment (chemo, radiation, or surgery) can request the following assistance**.

Approved clients may receive the following: 

  • Up to $1800 towards rent or mortgage payments three (3) times this year
  • Aldi grocery food card valid for $300 up to six (6) times this year

**PLEASE NOTE: LACO reserves the right to pause this program if funds are exhausted at any point. This program is not a guaranteed service and is subject to change at any time.

Do I Qualify for ARPA Assistance?

To receive assistance through the ARPA program you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must reside within Cobb County and be able to provide proof 
  • Must be in active cancer treatment (chemo, radiation, or cancer-related surgery) 
  • Must meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) for “low-income households” as a household with income at or below 185% of the FPG for the size of its household. It is important to note that a household comprises individuals who are listed on your taxes or those who list you as a dependent on their 2022/2023 taxes. SEE CHART BELOW:

If you do not fit the above criteria, please visit the Cobb County website to see other approved organizations and agencies that are providing housing assistance.

How Do I Apply To Receive Assistance Through ARPA?

1. Complete a New Client Application (CLICK HERE)*

2. Complete ARPA Application (CLICK HERE)

  • Be prepared to include the following: Proof of Income, Photo ID, Current Lease/Mortgage Contract, Bill for the Month Requesting 

3. A LACO team member will review your application and if approved will reach out to schedule A PICK-UP TIME & DATE**

4. If receiving housing assistance, the client will need to send a copy of your payment receipt to be able to request assistance in the future

*Only applicable if you HAVE NOT received assistance from Loving Arms in the past 


What is Considered Proof of Income

1. Last 3 pay stubs AND bank statements

2. 2022/2023 Tax Filings

3. Benefit Verification Letter (SSA, SSI, Disability, Etc.)

If you are not able to provide any of the document listed below please contact us



To learn more about the American Rescue Plan Act visit: