What is the Butterfly Effect?​

The butterfly effect teaches us is that small things matter, and we are all connected to a bigger system. Our positive actions today lead to an impactful future. With one small gesture, you are changing lives.
Your donation will help Loving Arms Cancer Outreach make a difference in the daily lives of cancer warriors going through treatment through our gift card program, our utility assistance program and our Health, Wellness and Support Program. Countless cancer patients express that their number one concern is not just surviving, but also the financial impact battling the disease has on their family. When diagnosed with cancer, families struggle to maintain employment and solvency, stay current on bills, and keep up with everyday responsibilities. Cancer is a disease that impacts the whole family, not just the patient themselves. Loving Arms creates a community of compassionate support for each individuals’ unique needs through support groups, community activities and financial assistance. The program exists to meet multiple needs of the family as a whole and allow them to focus on their recovery and their families.
      • A gift of $50 can provide a tank of gas to get to medical treatments
      • A gift of $100 can provide fridge full of food
      • A gift of $500 can pay this month’s utilities for a cancer patient
      • A gift of $1000 can help 15 cancer patients this week!