Loving Arms Cancer Outreach’s Newsletter: February

Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a great start to the year. Loving Arms Cancer Outreach is excited to see what this new year brings. Dancing With The Stars of Cobb County was such a successful event that we have decided to make it an annual event! We raised almost $40,000 thanks to so many of you and our fabulous dancers, instructors, sponsors and many volunteers. If you know a local star that would like to dance at this year’s event, please send us an email. Make sure you put September 26th on your calendar!!

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One comment on “Loving Arms Cancer Outreach’s Newsletter: February

  1. slider6902 Reply

    My name is Dennis, I volunteer at Loving Arms Cancer Outreach. I was first introduced to LACO by Shay when I was going through chemo at the NGOC cancer center in early 2013. Shay invited me to one of their support groups, but being a man I was not interested in something like that at the time. Sometime in May or June Shay asked if wanted to attend the Survivors Day that year, again I was not really interested in attending. At that time she said she would be singing and that made all the difference and I said sure.

    While at the Survivors Day I recognized one of the patients Pat and introduced my self. At our next chemo we began to talk and became very good friends. A few months after our treatment was over Pat mentioned that LACO was moving to a new office and needed help packing for the move. I had been on an oral chemo for a few months and was feeling better than I had in a long time and thought I could give back for some of the help I had received while going through my different chemo treatments. After showing up at their old office on Plaza way and meeting Angel we packed stuff for the next 2 months. I thought once I had helped them move that would be the end of it, but little did I know the volunteer bug had bitten me and there is no known cure.

    While helping around the office and having contact with other cancer patients I did not realize I had a life changing event take place. I discovered I had a passion for helping and talking with other cancer patients. I cannot put into words how this makes me feel. I know I get a lot more out of it than I give. The weekly “knitting and quilting” class i.e. support group has been one of the events I look forward to each week. I hope to have a long and rewarding relationship with LACO and this only the beginning.


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